Hymn No. 4603 | Date: 29-Mar-1993
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English Bhajan no. 4603 by Satguru Devendra Ghia - Kaka
Still more, still more, still more (2)
In life, we always ask for more and want to have still more, still more, still more
We are never satisfied with what we have, always want to have still more...
Gain or loss, whatever position we are, we want to have still more...
While praying to god we want something, immediately we switch to still more...
If someone asks to have more, we are always ready to say still more...
We never stop at nothing, we always want to have more and more, still more...
Prompt as we are in life to have more, we are ready to have still more...
Difficulties and pain we want no more, other things we want more, still more...
We live our life, with a style to have still more...

Explanation in English
In this English hymn, Kaka is showing us how we live a life of discontentment
All of us have come into this world with God's blessings
Whatever we may think that we don't have, we do not think of all the things that we have been given
So, we always want more and more of everything and are never satisfied
By whatever measure of comparison we choose to do, we will always think that someone has more than us and we wish for and more ; but, we will not compare ourselves to someone who has less than us and be happy with what we have
Even when we wish for something or desire something and pray to God, we want Him to give us immediately ; even when He does give us, we still want more
We never stop wanting more and more of all the worldly material things as we think it will make us happy
But, we never ask for more and more of any pain and difficulties nor do we ask for more and more of becoming closer to God
We just want to live a life of worldly pleasure with no discipline of any kind to restrict ourselves in any way whatsoever by taking the easiest way of not doing anything that is difficult, takes time, involves others etc.
We human beings are very greedy and even when we do get a lot of the things we wish for, we still never get satisfied. All the material things will only provide us diminishing returns after a time once all our basic necessities have been granted to us. Unfortunately, we do not realize that we are wishing for all the wrong things, as we think only those things will give us happiness. We never wish to appreciate all the things that God has actually given us, never realizing how difficult it is for billions (yes, billions) of other people. Only if we were to walk in the shoes of others, will we realize the grace of God and the blessings we have received. When we realize this, we will for more and more of God's blessings instead of other things. After all,

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