Hymn No. 768 | Date: 22-Apr-1987
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અમૃતને ઝંખનારા, ઝેરની તૈયારી તો પહેલી રાખજે

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Amrut Ne Zankhnara, Zer Ni Taiyari To Paheli Rakhaje

જ્ઞાન, સત્ય, આભાર (Knowledge, Truth, Thanks)

Gujarati Bhajan no. 768 by Satguru Devendra Ghia - Kaka
અમૃતને ઝંખનારા, ઝેરની તૈયારી તો પહેલી રાખજે
ગુલાબફૂલ ચૂંટનારા, કાંટાની તૈયારી તો રાખજે
મંથન થાતાં, ઝેર તો પહેલું ઉપર સદા આવશે
ઝેર પચાવી મંથન કરતા, છેલ્લે અમૃત પામી જાશે
મુસાફરી લાંબી કરનારા, ક્યાંક તો છાંયડો મળી જાશે
તડકો અને થાક સહન કરી, મુસાફરી ચાલુ તો રાખજે
એકલતા સહન કરનારા, સાથી તો તને મળી જાશે
વૈરને વિસરનારા, જીવનમાં તો પ્રેમ મળી જાશે
સુખને તો ઝંખનારા, દુઃખની તૈયારી તો રાખજે
પવિત્રતાથી રહેનારા, અણસાર પ્રભુનો તો મળી જાશે
અપમાન સહન કરનારા, તને માન તો મળી જાશે
પ્રભુના વિશ્વાસે રહેનારા, ભવસાગર તો તરી જાશે
સદ્દગુરુ દેવેન્દ્ર ઘીયા (કાકા)

Explanation in English
In this Gujarati bhajan, Shri Devendra Ghia, our Guruji Kaka is depicting many aspects of life.
In few lines here, he is narrating the facts of life and correct approach towards spiritual growth.
He is saying...
Those who are longing for sweet nectar(eternal happiness), be prepared to drink poison(negative attributes) first.
Those who want to pluck roses(happiness), be prepared to get pricked with thorns(grief) also.
When one introspects, first, will have to deal with removal of all the negative attributes and if one manages to discard them, then one will come closer to the state of eternal happiness.
Those who are journeying towards liberation, the path is going to be long and enduring. But sometimes, they will get solace from Divine. Please continue with the journey to final release.
Those who are bearing with loneliness, will always find a friend in God.
Those who forget about revenge, will always find love.
Those who are looking for happiness, will always have to be prepared for unhappiness also.
Those who are living by principles of truth and purity will always find God.
Those who are bearing with insults, will always find respect.
Those who keep faith in God, will be able to experience oneness with The Supreme.
Kaka is talking about various aspects of life here . Every individual comes with negative and positive attributes. And for the enduring path of liberation, one has to concentrate on removal of negative attributes like ego, greed, desires, negative thoughts, bad actions and so on. This process of self evaluation, self awareness, self consciousness and devotion takes one through many lives., but utmost faith in God leads one to liberation.

He has written about 10,000 hymns which cover various aspects of spirituality, such as devotion, inner knowledge, truth, meditation, right action and right living. Most of the Bhajans are in Gujarati, but there is also a treasure trove of Bhajans in English, Hindi and Marathi languages.
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