Hymn No. 814 | Date: 26-May-1987
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ઉમંગે સહુ આવો, સહુ ભેગા મળીને ગાવો

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Umange Sahu Aavo, Sahu Bhega Mali Ne Gavo

નવરાત્રિ (Navratri)

Gujarati Bhajan no. 814 by Satguru Devendra Ghia - Kaka
ઉમંગે સહુ આવો, સહુ ભેગા મળીને ગાવો
`મા' ના નોરતાં આવ્યા (2)
હૈયેથી વૈરને વિસરાવો, પ્રેમમાં સહુને નવરાવો - `મા' ના...
મનને સાથે લાવો, ગાવો અને ગવરાવો - `મા' ના...
કર્મોનો દીપ પ્રગટાવો, શ્રદ્ધાનું તેલ પુરાવો - `મા' ના...
નિરાશા હૈયેથી હટાવો, હૈયે આશા પ્રગટાવો - `મા' ના...
સમજણના તેજ પથરાવો, અજ્ઞાન તિમિર હટાવો - `મા' ના...
ગુણમાં ગુલતાન બની જાવો, સુખદુઃખ તો ભૂલી જાવો - `મા' ના...
કાયાનો મોહ હટાવો, `મા'ને તો હૈયે પધરાવો - `મા' ના...
ગુણલા હૈયે સમાવો, જીવનને તો મહેંકાવો - `મા' ના...
રગ રગમાં `મા'ને વસાવો, આનંદ હૈયે તો પામો - `મા' ના...
સદ્દગુરુ દેવેન્દ્ર ઘીયા (કાકા)

Explanation in English
Shri Devendra Ghia, our Guruji, admiringly called Pujya Kaka by all, is emphasising on the importance of good attributes in you, which automatically spreads love around and make your world joyful.
He is saying...
Come with joy and come all together,
Divine Mother’s Norta (nine auspicious nights) has arrived.
Forget about animosity from heart, and shower everyone with love.
Bring your heart and mind together, and sing and make others sing too.
Light the candle of Karmas (actions), and fuel this candle with faith.
Discard all the disappointments, and light up hopes in your heart.
Spread the brilliance of understanding, and remove the darkness of ignorance at once.
Get swamped in goodness, and forget about joys and sorrows.
Remove this attraction of this body, and welcome Divine Mother in your heart.
Imbibe good attributes in your heart, and make life beautiful.
Make Divine Mother reside in every vein, and find eternal bliss.

Kaka Is explaining that when we have positive and good qualities, thoughts, actions and outlook in life then the Divinity resides within us, and we will find the joy that we have never experienced before. He is symbolising this with Norta (nine auspicious nights), which represents joy bliss and eternal happiness. Be good, do good and feel good is the message here in this bhajan. Overcoming resentment, indignation, and enmity and shedding our karmas, we can move on to mental, emotional spiritual process.

He has written about 10,000 hymns which cover various aspects of spirituality, such as devotion, inner knowledge, truth, meditation, right action and right living. Most of the Bhajans are in Gujarati, but there is also a treasure trove of Bhajans in English, Hindi and Marathi languages.
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