Hymn No. 853 | Date: 16-Jun-1987
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જનમ જનમ તો લેતો રહ્યો, જનમ તો સફળ તો ના થયો

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Janam Janam To Leto Rahyo, Janam To Safal To Na Thayo

જ્ઞાન, સત્ય, આભાર (Knowledge, Truth, Thanks)

Gujarati Bhajan no. 853 by Satguru Devendra Ghia - Kaka
જનમ જનમ તો લેતો રહ્યો, જનમ તો સફળ તો ના થયો
કર્મ સદા તો કરતો રહ્યો, કર્મબંધનથી તો ના છૂટયો
ફરિયાદ `મા' ને કરતો રહ્યો, ફરિયાદ કરતો તો ના અટક્યો
સમજદારી તો ના સમજ્યો, સમજપૂર્વક તો ના વર્ત્યો
પ્રેમનો તો પ્યાસો રહ્યો, પ્રેમ તો ઝીલી ના શક્યો
અવગુણે ભરપૂર બન્યો, અવગુણ છોડી ના શક્યે
સુખ કાજે તો દોડી રહ્યો, દુઃખ તો હું પામી રહ્યો
જાવું હતું ક્યાં ને ક્યાં, ક્યાં નો ક્યાં તો જઈ રહ્યો
મોતનો ડર તો સતાવી રહ્યો, મોતથી તો હું ના છૂટયો
વગરવિચારે કર્મો કરતો રહ્યો, કર્મફળથી તો ના છૂટયો
સદ્દગુરુ દેવેન્દ્ર ઘીયા (કાકા)

Lyrics in English
janam janama to leto rahyo, janam to saphal to na thayo
karma saad to karto rahyo, karmabandhanathi to na chhutyo
phariyaad 'maa' ne karto rahyo, phariyaad karto to na atakyo
samajadari to na samajyo, samajapurvaka to na vartyo
prem no to pyaso rahyo, prem to jili na shakyo
avagune bharpur banyo, avaguna chhodi na shakye
sukh kaaje to dodi rahyo, dukh to hu pami rahyo
javu hatu kya ne kyam, kya no kya to jai rahyo
motano dar to satavi rahyo, motathi to hu na chhutyo
vagaravichare karmo karto rahyo, karmaphalathi to na chhutyo

Explanation in English
In this bhajan on Law of Karma (action), Law of cause and effect, Shri Devendra Ghia is urging to do such selfless dedicated actions that purify our karmas.
He is saying...
Taken birth after birth, none is successful.
Performing karmas ( actions), but cannot get release from bondage of karmas.
Kept on complaining to Divine Mother, never stopped with the complaints.
Did not understand rationality, never behaved wisely,
Remained deprived of love, but could not sustain love.
Embraced many vices, never got rid of these vices.
Kept on running behind happiness, in the bargain, got many sorrows.
Wanted to go where and where,
Ended up going where and where.
Kept on fearing death, could not get get away from an inevitable.
Without thinking, kept on doing the karmas (actions), could not become free of burden of karmas.

Kaka is reflecting that we all do many many karmas (actions) throughout many many lives without any understanding or thinking. Instead of purifying our actions, we end up tangled in the bondage of our actions even more. This cyclical cause and effect generates birth and rebirths. Selfless dedicated actions that burn our karmas is called Karma Yoga.

He has written about 10,000 hymns which cover various aspects of spirituality, such as devotion, inner knowledge, truth, meditation, right action and right living. Most of the Bhajans are in Gujarati, but there is also a treasure trove of Bhajans in English, Hindi and Marathi languages.
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