Hymn No. 5689 | Date: 23-Feb-1995
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In life, one will have to decide, decide now, now and now

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જીવન માર્ગ, સમજ (Life Approach, Understanding)

English Bhajan no. 5689 by Satguru Devendra Ghia - Kaka
In life, one will have to decide, decide now, now and now
What to get and what to leave, know in life, how, how and how
work in your life, in a way, which will not, let you down
Glorious thoughts and glorious deeds, will put feather in your crown
Haste and haste will make mistakes, will bring in position to frown
Want to know many things in life, know to achieve it, how, how and how
Darkness and light plays significant role in life, know, how, how and how
Mystery does not exist, when we know it, know it, how, how and how

Explanation in English
In this English hymn, Kaka reaffirms the decision making process and doing the right actions in the right ways -
We need to decide as soon as possible what we must/need to do and what we should not do in our life
We have to take necessary actions such that we are able to achieve the results we need
Well wishes to others and helpful actions to others will result in positive good will towards you
Any action, just for the sake of action but without any proper thought applied to it, will not result in the desired or anticipated results
We have received an in-built nature of curiosity about others and everything ; we have to learn how to manage it properly
While being aware of some things and not being aware of many things, it is very important to become aware
Once we know about some thing, it will no longer remain unknown to us and we can deal with it
What we face daily in our life cannot just be ignored and we have to take the necessary decisions, move on it by doing whatever that is necessary while disregarding anything not of consequence, take positive actions towards everyone and concern ourselves with only the things that truly matter and is of significance.

He has written about 10,000 hymns which cover various aspects of spirituality, such as devotion, inner knowledge, truth, meditation, right action and right living. Most of the Bhajans are in Gujarati, but there is also a treasure trove of Bhajans in English, Hindi and Marathi languages.
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