Hymn No. 979 | Date: 04-Sep-1987
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ભૂલતાં ભુલતાં બધું ભુલાશે, જાતનું ભી પણ ભાન ભુલાશે

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Bhulta Bhulta Badhu Bhulashe, Jaat Nu Bhi Pan Bhan Bhulashe

જીવન માર્ગ, સમજ (Life Approach, Understanding)

Gujarati Bhajan no. 979 by Satguru Devendra Ghia - Kaka
ભૂલતાં ભુલતાં બધું ભુલાશે, જાતનું ભી પણ ભાન ભુલાશે
સાચા યત્નોમાં જો લાગી જાશે, સફળતા તો પામી જાશે
હૈયેથી દુઃખ જો ભુલાશે, રસ્તો સુખનો ખુલ્લો થાશે
ચિંતાઓ તું જો ભૂલી જાશે, શાંતિ હૈયે તો પામી જાશે
ભૂતકાળ કડવો જો ભૂલી જાશે, ભવિષ્ય તો તું ઘડતો જાશે
આગળ જો તું વધતો જાશે, ધ્યેય નજીક તો પહોંચી જાશે
વૈરને જો તું ભૂલી જાશે, પ્રેમ તો તું પામી જાશે
દુનિયા તને મીઠી લાગશે, ઘણું બધું તું પામી જાશે
આચરતાં ખોટું સંકોચ જો થાશે, પાપમાંથી તો બચી જાશે
દયા ધર્મ હૈયે જો જાગી જાશે, પુણ્ય તો તું પામી જાશે
મનને સ્થિર જો કરતો જાશે, મનડું હાથમાં તારે આવશે
દિ દુનિયાને તો તું ભૂલી જાશે, દર્શન પ્રભુના તને થાશે
સદ્દગુરુ દેવેન્દ્ર ઘીયા (કાકા)

Explanation in English
Shri Devendra Ghia, fondly called Pujya Kaka, our Guruji has given treasure of bhajans through which he is guiding us, influencing us, illuminating us and being with us always. In this bhajan of life approach,

He is saying...
If you try to forget, then everything can be forgotten, even the awareness about self can be forgotten.

If you get engulfed in correct efforts, then success can be achieved naturally.

If you forget about the grief from the heart, then path to happiness will open up.

If you forget about worries, then peace will be achieved in the heart.
If you forget about your bitter past, then you will focus on shaping up of your future.

If you start moving forward, then you will get closer to your destination.
If you forget about revenge, then you will find love. You will find sweetness around and you will achieve a lot from this world

If you hesitate to take wrong steps, then you will be saved from committing sin.

If kindness and righteousness rises in the heart, then you will become virtuous.

If you learn to steady and calm your mind, then mind will come under your control.

If you forget about this worldly affairs, then you will get the vision of Divine.

Kaka is explaining that we must rise above negativity in our life, like bitter past or feelings of revenge and worrying, and concentrate on positive emotions of love, kindness and righteousness. One pointed focus where there is unity of vision, and unity of purpose and endeavour, external and internal, then one can strive on spiritual growth. Kaka is urging us to weed out disorganised energy and invoke organised energy, which is godly energy.

He has written about 10,000 hymns which cover various aspects of spirituality, such as devotion, inner knowledge, truth, meditation, right action and right living. Most of the Bhajans are in Gujarati, but there is also a treasure trove of Bhajans in English, Hindi and Marathi languages.
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