Hymn No. 3391 | Date: 12-Sep-1991
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लिया श्वास जीवन में, न रहा जीवन में वह भी तो तेरा


Liya Shvaas Jeevan Mein, Na Raha Jeevan Mein Vah Bhee To Tera

જીવન માર્ગ, સમજ (Life Approach, Understanding)

Hindi Bhajan no. 3391 by Satguru Devendra Ghia - Kaka
लिया श्वास जीवन में, न रहा जीवन में वह भी तो तेरा
रहेगा जीवन में और कौन तो तेरा (2)
ना है जग में पास कोई तेरा, है जीवन झूठा झमेला,
सोच समझ कर चल जीवन में, जग में है दो दिनका बसेरा।
आया, न लाया साथ में, ना जायेगा कुछ साथ में तेरा,
आना जाना जीवन कहलाये, रुक जाये, जीवन रुक जाये।
रहा है, युगों से जीवन चलता, जग में वह चलता रहेगा,
युग तो बदला, क्रम न बदला, ना रुका जग में आना जाना।
तन भी बदला, जीवन भी बदला, जग में प्रभु ना बदला,
मन जो बदले, प्रभु चरण में रहे, काम तो बन जाये तब तो तेरा।
सतगुरू देवेंद्र घिया (काका)

Lyrics in English
liya shvas jivan mem, na raah jivan me vaha bhi to tera
rahega jivan me aura kauna to tera (2)
na hai jaag me paas koi tera, hai jivan jutha jamela,
socha samaja kara chala jivan mem, jaag me hai do dinaka basera|
aya, na laya saath mem, na jayega kuchha saath me tera,
ana jann jivan kahalaye, ruka jaye, jivan ruka jaye|
raah hai, yugom se jivan chalata, jaag me vaha chalata rahega,
yuga to badala, krama na badala, na ruka jaag me ana jana|
tana bhi badala, jivan bhi badala, jaag me prabhu na badala,
mann jo badale, prabhu charan me rahe, kaam to bana jaaye taba to tera|

Explanation in English
In this hymn, Kakaji is telling the meaning of this birth when we are born and take the first breath we enter in this world. We think we own everything in life but the fact is even the breath is not ours.
The breath you have taken in life, you don't own even that. Who else will remain yours in life?
In life, no one else is near you, in life, this is a false mess.
Think understand and walk in life, in this world, you will stay for 2 (few )days.
When you came you did not bring anything, nothing will go back with you.
Coming and going in life, if it stops, life stops.
Since centuries circle of life is going on, in the world it will continue.
Centuries have changed, chronological order has not changed, nor in life has stopped coming and going.
Bodies have changed, life has changed in the world, but the lord has not changed.
If we change our thoughts (self-realization) and remain immersed in Lord's feet, we will achieve goal. (nirvana/ moksha)

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