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Finding lost items in public place by the grace of Kakaji !!
by Gunjan Singh (Post Graduate) on 14 Jun 2020
It is my good fortune that I am getting an opportunity to write something about beloved Kakaji (Satguru Devendra Ghia). I have numerous experiences. But would like to share 1 specific incident.

I was working in a private company in Andheri. In our office, there was the Birthday of our Senior Head, who was very good and very helpful and supportive to all. We all staff contributed money as per their capacity, to give him a good gift and I took the responsibility of buying it. Accordingly, I bought a very expensive wristwatch for him and got it to gift wrap. I kept it in a carry bag. I had also kept my personal documents in it. In the evening around 6.30 pm, I caught a local train from Andheri to Borivali. As all know in evening office hours there is a lot of rush even in first class. I kept the carry bag from my hand on side railing. At Borivali, I got down as usual but forgot to take the carry bag. Once on the platform, I started walking and felt something missing and immediately turned back towards the train, but at the same time, the train started moving and left the platform.

I didn't know what to do since along with expensive gifts a lot of important documents were also gone. I went to the Railway Police Office on Platform. They told in Mumbai in Peak Hours getting back such things in local trains is nearly impossible. But they will still try. They started contacting all Train Schedule keeping Station Masters on various Platforms. Since there are trains leaving every 2 or 3 minutes, it was very difficult for them to track, which exact train the items were left. I was waiting anxiously outside the police station on the platform.

That is when I prayed to Kakaji (Satguru Devendra Ghia), that please I should get all my items back or I will not go home only. At around 9 pm at night, the Police Officer came to me where I was sitting and said, they have found it in Bandra Station. I immediately caught a train and reached Bandra Station Railway Police Office on Platform. They confirmed my identity first and then confirmed items inside the carry bag and they only gave me back. All Police Officers while handing over the items even took photographs of their lost and found missing items. I thanked them a lot and came back home.

What is surprising is that in a crowded city like Mumbai, getting anything left in Local Bus or Local Trains, which are so full during peak hours, is actually miraculous, which I am sure all will agree.

I went home, prayed, and thanked Kakaji (Satguru Devendra Ghia) for getting it back and it happened only because of His grace and blessings on me.

Jai Shri Kakaji !!
He has written about 10,000 hymns which cover various aspects of spirituality, such as devotion, inner knowledge, truth, meditation, right action and right living. Most of the Bhajans are in Gujarati, but there is also a treasure trove of Bhajans in English, Hindi and Marathi languages.
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