Bhaav Samadhi Vichaar Samadhi - Kaka Bhajans
Bhaav Samadhi Vichaar Samadhi - Kaka Bhajans
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by Pritibala s Shah (Chartered Accountant) on 16 Jun 2020
It was the year 1988 when I went on a religious tour to Kashmir with Arihant Aradhak Mandal. During this tour to Kashmir, I met Nirmala ben. We became good friends and started discussing Jainism and other religious TOPICS. During our various such discussions once she mentioned about one Uncle coming to her home whom she used to call Kaka (Satguru Devendra Ghia). She said that Kaka (Satguru Devendra Ghia) is very loving and he explains everything in Bhajan (Hymns). She suggested me to meet Kaka (Satguru Devendra Ghia) once. She did not describe me Kaka , his age nor his appearance. After our Kashmir trip, I became busy with my work. One night I had a dream in which one person in white kafni and white lehnga was showering blessing on me with both his hands. The next morning I started thinking about my dream. I called Nirmala ben and asked her about Kaka who is coming to her home has white hair up to the neck, white eyebrows, and wears a white dress. She said I was right as far as hair and eyebrows are concerned but usually he wears any color shirt and pants.
I asked her that when can I meet Kaka ? Finally one day she called me up saying that today Kaka is visiting her home in the afternoon. When I reached there Kaka welcomed me smilingly. I found him exactly the same as per my dreams except for the dress. That day He sang his new bhajans. I liked the Bhajan very much. Thereafter I used to meet him very often at Nirmala ben's home. After some time I went to Kaka's home for the first time to invite him to my brother Amit’s wedding. As I rang the doorbell Kaka came to open the door. What a pleasant surprise it was to see that Kaka was wearing exactly the same white dress which I had seen in my dream.
Thus I met my GURU BHAGWAN in person as seen in my dream.