Bhaav Samadhi Vichaar Samadhi - Kaka Bhajans
Bhaav Samadhi Vichaar Samadhi - Kaka Bhajans
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Kaka made me financially self relient
by Pritibala s Shah (Chartered Accountant) on 01 Jul 2020
After my first meeting with Kaka (Satguru Devendra Ghia), I used to meet Him very often. He would Sing Bhajans (Hymns) and explain to me the same. One fine day He told me that I must take up a Job and be financially Self-reliant if I did not want to get married and go further on the Spiritual Path to which I agreed.
I joined one CA firm as a retainer & used to go there twice a week receiving Rs 1750/- monthly as retainer fees, But due to some reason, I left that firm. I started searching for a new part-time job keeping in mind that I could meet Kaka (Satguru Devendra Ghia) frequently. I tried in one place where I was told to wait for some time. Almost one month was over but they did not call back. I told Kaka (Satguru Devendra Ghia) that should I try elsewhere? He said wait till Monday. On Monday I got a phone call from that firm. My client asked me about my professional fees. I told that I was billing Rs 1750 for twice a week in my previous Job. He told me to join for part-time thrice a week (Kaka had informed earlier that I would be offered part-time job & that they would give you Rs 3500/-) I said that I have already told my earlier billing according to which they could finalize my fees around Rs 2700/- to which Kaka told me that they would give you Rs 3500/- per month. Almost three months were over and my fees were not finalized. I was ashamed of asking for my fees as my client was my Mother's relative. At the same time my father decided to buy a Car. He decided to book in my name so that EMI cheques can be paid from my account. So I told my client that I will need the fees to pay my car EMI. He asked what is the amount of EMI I replied, it is Rs 3250/-. To my wonderment, He told me to take cheque of Rs 3500/- as my monthly professional fees ( It struck my mind this is the same amount Kaka (Satguru Shri Devendra Ghia) had previously told me. How Wonderful are His ways to shower Grace!!!