Bhaav Samadhi Vichaar Samadhi - Kaka Bhajans
Bhaav Samadhi Vichaar Samadhi - Kaka Bhajans
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Divine and countless blessings with unconditional love
by Dipti Shah (MCom) on 02 Jul 2020
I as a person had met Kaka (Satguru Devendra Ghia) at his Santacruz residence. He would sit and meet all his disciples with his ever-loving unusual smile and of course pouring all his selfless blessings with all positive energy.
I was at that time staying in a joint family with my in-laws in Goa. I wanted to move away from there. Can one imagine in one of my visits to my surprise he uttered, "Come, I will shift you to Pune.” I was totally zapped and astonished as where was Goa and where is Pune... There was no link as such except my daughter was studying there... But yes, with his and Mataji’s countless blessings I moved to Pune with a full-fledged apartment and have my own boutique too! His blessings are countless. To my surprise, even my one and a half-year-old granddaughter rush to take Kakaji (Satguru Devendra Ghia)’s blessings in my temple where I have kept his books. She opens the book and takes his blessings without fail to utter his name “Kaka (Satguru Devendra Ghia), Kaka " though she speaks only a few words. Kaka is always in my thoughts and prayers. I can feel his protective shield on me and my family.