Bhaav Samadhi Vichaar Samadhi - Kaka Bhajans
Bhaav Samadhi Vichaar Samadhi - Kaka Bhajans
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The Merciful Master
by Dr Santosh Singh (B.A.M.S.) on 07 Jul 2020
Kaka (Satguru Devendra Ghia) Shree Namah!

Some years had passed by meeting Kakaji (Satguru Devendra Ghia). Once a week on Wednesday, I had fixed to go and meet Kakaji (Satguru Devendra Ghia), I used to take readings of his pulse, blood pressure, and make note of it.
Kakaji always used to sing bhajans and then give answers to my small query related to the bhajans.
In those days, I used to be busy practicing in the morning and evening. Suddenly in those days, there was a rise in my patients of Tuberculosis (T.B.) for injectable doses and at the same time, one of the close members of my family was diagnosed with T.B.
It happened so after certain days I started having mild fever with chills and body ache. I avoided a lot for a few days, without taking any treatment. Symptoms on my body used to be felt and after some days it used to disappear. After a few days, I noticed that whenever I used to spit there was mild blood in my sputum. Again I didn't pay attention to it. Some more days passed by the quantity of blood started increasing. As I was not at all in favor to take Allopathic medicine due to its side effects. I didn't start my treatment. I started falling sick with regular chills, mild fever, slight weight loss. In my mind, I started praying to Siddhambika Mataji and Kakaji and I decided not to speak to Kakaji verbally about it.
It started affecting me so much that whenever I used to sit with Kakaji (Sadguru Devendra Ghia) for bhajan or any work, I couldn't pay attention to it, neither could I hear it properly. The severity started increasing to such an extent that whenever I used to cough at night, I had to run to the washbasin as quite a blood used to come from my mouth. I used to clean the washbasin quickly as I did not want to reveal to my family members about it.
One fine day Kakaji was singing bhajans for all of us. That day my body and mind were out of control. As the bhajan got complete, Suddenly I spoke everything to Kakaji with all my symptoms and I firmly told Kakaji that I will not take any Allopathic medicine. Kakaji stared in my eyes and slightly smiled looking towards others sitting in the room. Then he advised me of Ayurvedic medicine and asked to take it every night with honey. That is a very common medicine in Ayurved, but the medicine isn't important the grace and blessings which he poured on me were important.
Within three to four days, I started feeling better physically and mentally and the percentage of blood in my sputum also decreased. In the next fifteen days, it became rare. l did a medicinal course of 45 days. l never did any blood test, or any sputum test or x-ray chest. The reason was if I was tested positive I would have to take allopathy medicines. From that day till today I never felt such symptoms again. Such was my compassionate, merciful Master. Who always resolved all my problems and took care of me.
Later I realized in my life that you shouldn't apply any conditions when you are asking something from your Sadguru as we bound him in conditions. 🙏🙏