Hymn No. 662 | Date: 22-Dec-1986
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જગત માડી તુજને નમે, તું તો ભક્તોને નમે

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Jagat Madi Tujne Na Me, Tu To Bhakto Ne Na Me

મા, ભગવાન (Almighty Mother, God)

Gujarati Bhajan no. 662 by Satguru Devendra Ghia - Kaka
જગત માડી તુજને નમે, તું તો ભક્તોને નમે
કર્મોથી જગ સારાને બાંધે, પ્રેમ તો તને બાંધે
સહુ જુએ દર્શનની રાહ તારી, તું રાહ ભક્તની જુએ
દોડે સહુ તો તારા દ્વારે, સહાય કરવા તું તો દોડે
જગમાં કોઈક તુજને સમજે, તું સદા સહુને સમજે
સર્વે નીરખવા તુજને તલસે, તું સદા સર્વને નીરખી રહે
સર્વે તારા પગલાં પૂજે, તું તો સંતોના પગલાં પૂજે
પૂજન અર્ચન તુજને ચડે, તું તો પ્રેમથી સદા રીઝે
સત્યમાં સદા તું તો રહે, સત્ય તો તને નિત્ય ગમે
સદા જગ પર તું રાજ કરે, ભક્તો તારા હૈયે રાજ કરે
સદ્દગુરુ દેવેન્દ્ર ઘીયા (કાકા)

Explanation in English
Pujya Kaka, our Guruji is singing in praise of Divine Mother ‘s glory. The kind, glorious, gracious Mother’s love is eternal and without obligation.
He is saying...
This world, O Mother, bows down to you, still you bow down to your devotees.
This world is bounded by their own karmas (actions), while you are bounded only with love.
Everyone waits to get your vision, still you are waiting for true devotee.
Everyone runs to your door for their selfishness, still you just run to help.
Only few understands you in this world , still you always understand everyone.
Everyone wants to see you, but you are looking out for all.
Everyone worships your feet, but you worship feet of saints.
Gifts and worship is offered to you, but you are invoked only with love.
You are always found in truth, truth is dear to you.
You rule over this world, and devotees rule over your heart.
Kaka is magnifying magnanimity of Divine Mother. She is so simple to please. All she needs from devotees is true love, and she is just waiting to acknowledge your love.
The very base of divinity is love.

He has written about 10,000 hymns which cover various aspects of spirituality, such as devotion, inner knowledge, truth, meditation, right action and right living. Most of the Bhajans are in Gujarati, but there is also a treasure trove of Bhajans in English, Hindi and Marathi languages.
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